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What is the difference between a Tour Guide and a Bus Driver?

What is the difference between a Tour Guide and a Bus Driver?

A good Tour Guide is somebody who knows how to make your day extra special. They are knowledgeable, providing anecdotes, historical and factual information throughout the day. They make the day entertaining and ensure that everyone has the absolute best experience possible. They have a great attention to detail and make sure that the tour delivers on exactly what is promised. Most importantly, they stay with you for the entire day. In short, they are responsible for your day.

A bus driver will pick you up and drop you off from location to location. They aren’t typically there to entertain or interact with guests nor is it their responsibility to ensure everything runs smoothly at each venue. Ther job stops at the bus and will drop the groups at the venue and give them a time to meet up later. Typically this means they hand you over to the venue to look after the group and are not there to assist should anything go wrong.

Ask around and people will tell you that your Tour Guide can be the difference between having a great day versus a day that you would rather forget. It is always important to read reviews and understand who your Tour Guide will be before choosing your tour company.

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